Groups, events, private functions, business functions...

Our restaurant is available for all kinds of private functions, group meals, organised refreshments or snacks.

Outdoor Area

Boskovic Square or "Field" as it is popularly known amongst the locals is but a few minutes walk from the main street Stradun. Waiting for you on this, one of the most magical squares in Dubrovnik are 90 seating places, shaded during the warm days of summer, protected from light and medium percipitation, with heating for colder days or evenings, all this with a beatuifull view of Dubrovnik's classical gymansium building and the Jezuit Church of St. Ignatius. Enjoy some peace and quiet while never being more than a stone's throw away from the heart of the Old Town. Our terrace is avialable for any special function including large groups, celebrations, wedding refreshments or dinners (church of St. Ignatius is one of the most popular churches for weddings in Dubrovnik), as well as a myriad of other arrangements. Our restaurant kitchen is able to process a large number of meals in a short time without losing on the individual meal's quality and anyone whose ever organised a group meal with time constraints can surely appreciate the value of such an asset.


Indoor area

Our well equipped, air conditioned indoor hall with tables and seating for up to 45 persons is perfect for any sort of group functions like business dinners, family celebrations, organised tourist groups for lunch or dinner, etc... Large bar, easy access to toillette facilities, and the option of being physically separate from the outside public area may be exactly what your group needs. Restaurant Kopun's indoor area is available for pre-arranged groups and other special functions all year long, but please make sure to contact us well ahead of time during winter as we may be running at half working hours November - February. Layout of the tables and seating is subject to individual needs and desires.