Philosophy behind our food is quite simple: we want to show off traditional scents and flavours of Croatian cuisine.

Our emphasis is on Dubrovnik and regions of the country by the sea, but we also enjoy featuring few continental dishes as well. Our small country, due to its geographical location, has always been a meeting point of civilizations. All the historical influences: Italian, Austrian, Turkish, Hungarian, and many others, have combined to create a very diverse cuisine. This is why, to this day, there is no such thing as one Croatian national dish.

We nurture the old school of hearty and healthy meals made with quality, fresh ingredients. We prepare our food like a music composer creates music – each ingredient (instrument) has a role to play, and each is distinguishable in the end melody, and yet , they all make up one whole. Great portion of the food in the country is still being produced organically and without genetically modified crops which make it possible to get some of the tastiest ingredients and use them in our dishes.
From meat to sea food to vegetables, our main mission is telling a story of Croatian cuisine, keeping our food interesting, and having our guests leave with smiles of content on their faces.


It is often said other nations eat to live, while Croatians live to eat. Find out why.